Prayer for the majority of the inner circle who almost died watching the MelOn Prime ‘Empty’ Performance #prayforinnercircle

A little guide on what to NOT say in front of Inner Circle (or anywhere else at all really)



  • "he thinks he’s funny but he actually annoys the shit out of me"
  • "meh he’s not really that good of a rapper"
  • "is he trying to look like GD/Taeyang? what a loser"
  • "why is his skin so dark omg do something about it"
  • "if he failed twice there must be a reason"
  • "another idol nugu rapper…

Precious OT5  

"in′ner cir′cle  - an exclusive group close to the center of power of an organization or movement, regarded as elitist and secretive.”


"jinwoo can’t sing"

"seunghoon can’t rap"

"taehyun is arrogant"

"i’m still pissed that ksy is leader, it should be mino"

"winner is only successful because of yg"


cameraman seungri filming the adorkable yg family.

Jinwoo’s appreciation post


yo! the class is in session.