Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s synchronized actions THEN and NOW.

Chanbaek nowadays are like Baekhyun chasing Chanyeol but Chanyeol is a bit distancing, Chanyeol chasing Baekhyun but Baekhyun distancing himself but you can see he is totally enjoying Chanyeol’s accompany. They like avoiding to have interaction in the public but still there are always subtleness happening when they both knew no one will saw them (Well not for us you idiots xP). WHY YOU TWO ALWAYS LIKE THAT?! Attempting to do such skinships or any kind of Fanservices atleast but failed in the end. THIS SHIP IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT TO ALL OTP IN THE KPOP WORLD SERIOUSLY! YOU REALLY CAN’T SHIP THEM WITHOUT HAVING ANY SUSPICIOUS FEELINGS FOR THE TWO. NOW TELL ME, ARE YOU TWO ON A ‘MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING’ STAGE? OR DATING? SECRETLY RELATIONSHIP? lol


PS: Have you noticed how baekhyun talk to Chanyeol? He can’t even look at his eyes directly for a long time. Baekhyun can’t do having eye contact with Chanyeol (well i dunno if it is just in the public because ya know just what I said :3 Silly)

Lately, Chanyeol wears two rings and also Baekhyun has this suspicious ring. At the airport Baekhyun wore a shirt with a Phoenix. And they seem sooo close in these days. 

ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ ʀɪɴɢ ᴍ/ᴠ: ɴᴀᴍ ᴛᴀᴇʜyᴜɴ


I see other male ships as friendship ships but BaekYeol’s an exception. I want them married tbh.

baekyeol > anything



aside from sticking for chanbaek, there are times where it gets frustrating, especially that one issue that almost broke this ship down but there is also this one thing that why I am sticking around

it is that my fellow shippers who are all out shipping this ship no matter what.


if kyungsoo had a solo album and it was called stranger
(with my favourite english tracks he performed)

bigass kyungsoo!editeu

Awkward kpop moments


[2NE1 CL & f(x) sulli]

'Don't make eye contacts…woop. oh hi'


[Apink HaYoung, NaEun & NamJoo]

'Selfie time!'

*Gets ready for a photo*

'What the…'


[f(x) Victoria & Mr Unknown]

'Bbuing Bbuing… lol this is painful'


[SNSD TaeYeon, Tiffany & f(x) Krystal]

'Oh my gosh we…